Our Community

We care about our community We at African Galleria believe in making the area around us a better place for our community, hence the commencement of our community projects. We have initiated the African Galleria water project to help solve the water problem in our community and the African Galleria School to give quality education to the children in our community.

African Galleria School

A child without education is like a building without foundation. In this case, education is a means to development of every community.

In Tanzania Primary school-aged children from the poorest families are three times less likely to attend school than those from the wealthiest households.

This is why we have built the African Galleria School. The African Galleria School was built in the year 2018 With the aim of helping kids in the Manyara community have access to quality primary education free of charge. 

We believe that education is the most powerful weapon which we can use to change the world.

African Galleria Water Project

Almost Half the Population of Tanzania is Without Basic Access to Safe Water. People living under these circumstances, particularly women and girls, spend a significant amount of time traveling long distances to collect water. 

This isn’t the case with our nearby community at Manyara anymore since we initiated the African galleria water project in the year 2018 this project aims at solving the water problem in our community, people in our community don’t have to walk miles anymore to collect water.