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Founded by Dodhia Family

African Galleria is a combination of a workshop and a contemporary art gallery dedicated to the promotion of African art; seeking exposure through tourists and travelers who arrives daily in Tanzania. African Galleria invest on creativity and innovation and connects artists with professionals and other artists to create unique and competitive pieces to the world of fine art. The workshops and the gallery are located at Manyara, Kibaoni Area as you drive from/to famous Ngorongoro Crater and Serengeti National Park. It's ideal destination for tourists and travelers when exploring Northern Tanzania tourism circuit.

African Galleria: Home Of African Precious Gemstones

By visiting our gallery and workshop you will encounter varieties of great, rare and precious gemstones legally sourced from African continent. From rubies, tourmaline, tsavorite, garnets, sapphires, diamonds and others.

Are you looking for a special ring, pendant/necklace, bracelet or bangles mixed in gold or silver? This includes engagement and wedding rings, chakra and birthstones for him or her. In the past 10 years our team of lapidists and jewelers have explored African gemstones and precious metals and gained confidence to craft and personalize best pieces that suit your interests.

A Tale Of A Stone: The Tanzanite

A precious stone named in honor of Tanzania found in just one place on earth and that is Mererani, a village on the foothills of majestic Mount Kilimanjaro where it was first unearthed in 1967. Poised between lush blue, vibrant violet, and rich purple, exotic tanzanite is the gemstone of its own. It takes a number of procedures to alter the color, apparent clarity, or improve the durability of gems as we turn them into jewelry or beautiful faceted pieces.


Having more than 20 years’ experience in jewelry and precious metal dealings; African Galleria became a leader in the making of Tanzanite state -of-art-jewelry and specialty retailer of genuine faceted pieces in Tanzania.

Either you arrive in Tanzania or visit us online there is always a chance to customize and configure your gemstone or jewelry by getting in touch with the best lapidists and jewelers.

 "Tanzanite is the most beautiful blue stone to be discovered in 2000 years." - Tiffany & Co

The Makondes & The Blackwood: Ebony

This is a story of mystical sculptors from southeastern of Tanzania. A tribe renowned for their prowess wood carving and ability to tell stories through their carvings. Makonde sculptures are greatly expressive. Using the art of harmonious and distorted/ ridiculous features to represent their kind and enemies. Amongst the famous sculpture are Ujamaa and Shetani which represents family tree and the devil art. The Makonde's legacy extends to their ability of carving the most hardened wood in the history of Africa the so-called Ebony / African Blackwood. They’re the Blackwood Masters.

At African Galleria we present a platform (workshop) for their talents and we have a number of native Makonde's who are more than willingly to share their story and showcases their mastery art with the Ebony (Blackwood).

Benin Bronzes: Get To Know Them

Alloys of brass and bronze crafted to decorated cast plaques, commemorative heads, animal and human figures, items of royal regalia, and personal ornaments. These are antiques from between 13th and 16th century from West African Kingdom of Benin in the time of Oba King sometimes referred to "Benin's Golden Age". Many pieces were commissioned specifically for the ancestral altars of past Obas and Queen Mothers and until today it's still believed to be symbols for protection, love, power, blessings and lucky. Benin people used these pieces in honoring their ancestors and validating the accession of a new Oba. At African Galleria you have chances to find such elements of the history as we have been collecting them based on their symbolic meanings and rareness. You will be acquiring authentic pieces of these antiques whereas some have been value-added to a beautiful decor, furnitures, stands and other objects of use in our daily life.

African Masks: The Art Of Festima

Did you know? 

Dan Masks are sacred objects. They are used for protection and as a channel for communication with the spirit world.

African Galleria presents some of the most meaningful and rare African masks especially those from West and Central Africa;

Baule Masks from Baule tribal other known as a “kple kple” mask which is worn at Goli rituals and festivals. The circular face represents the life-giving force of the sun and the horns symbolize the great power symbolized by an animal. Kota Masks (carved in wood and covered with sheets of brass or copper to increase their power). Bwa Masks (shaped with a circular face at one end and a crescent moon at the other). Goma Masks (characterized by their domed heads which may sometimes be topped with feathers). Senufo Masks those combine features of animals and humans in a single design. The Senufo artists have a high status in their society as their masks and sculptures are believed to have the power to help communication between the living and their dead ancestors. Punu Masks represent the idealized beauty of Punu women, and should only be carved by Punu men. They are portrayed with their traditional high-domed hairstyle, diamond- shaped scarification marks on their forehead and they often have eyes that display oriental characteristics. Ligbi Masks used in the celebration of Islamic holidays, especially the end of Ramadan. The dancers who wear these masks are noted for their elegantly synchronized movements as they dance in pairs. The typical Ligbi mask has an elongated face trimmed with wings on either side. Kwele Masks for protection against the power of witchcraft with the 'beete' rituals. The 'beete' is a ritual that involves purification by the spirits who are represented in the form of 'ekuk' masks. 'Ekuk' means the 'spirits of the forest' and the 'children of the beete'.

Other masks from Central African such as Lwalwa Mask a.k.a ‘mvondo’ mask which is worn by men plays an important part in their celebrations, particularly the secret rituals of the ‘bangongo’ society who were responsible for the initiation of young men into adulthood. Lulua Mask, previously called the Bena Lulua, from the people of Lulua River in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

A Feast For The Senses

Dine At Ol Mesera

The Ol Mesera restaurant serves as a perfect spot to dine while you are embarking on a safari. Dining at the Olmesera gives you a chance to taste Tanzanian cuisines that have a modern twist. Local style cuisines include; mchicha, ugali, Zanzibar Boga Boga (pumpkin soup), sambusas (bitings), local drinks such as; Dawa (a local cocktail of konyagi with honey), and a unique recipe chipsi ugali (ugali in form of French fries).

Our Community

Our Community

We care about our community We at African Galleria believe in making the area around us a better place for our community, hence the commencement of our community projects. We have initiated the African Galleria water project to help solve the water problem in our community and the African Galleria School to give quality education to the children in our community.